In vain, some ladies believe there is no difference between day and night, summer and winter cosmetics for skin care. No wonder because the scientists, their laboratories and institutions are working to create effective formulas creams, serums and oils. Take winter care cream should be able to protect the skin from the cold and fill it with life-giving moisture, oil should be as nourishing, but not greasy.

In winter, many women notice with horror that their skin is horribly dry, and begin to moisten whatever is on hand. And, unfortunately, not always correctly choose the means.


The most popular tool to saturate the skin with moisture – this cream. He instantly removes signs of dryness and tightness feeling of comfort. But not all creams have moisturizing properties. When choosing a cream for the winter period you need to pay attention to what amount of hyaluronic acid it contains, because it is responsible for the preservation in the epidermis life-giving water. If no numbers, it is possible to determine in another way. In the description of the composition of cosmetic products ingredients are decreasing, i.e. more of those substances, which provided one of the first.

The second rule of winter moisture is the regularity of procedures. To use the cream twice or three times a day, and not when one feels a distinct discomfort.

Salon treatments

Hydration of the deeper layers of the skin are able to provide cosmetic procedures, such as collagen masks, hyaluronic or peptide injection. After the procedure the deeper layers of the skin are refreshed, filled with life-giving moisture, include its natural protective mechanisms, which are received from outside moisture keep.

Not so long ago LED therapy. In this procedure, the face cover gel mask and the patient is placed under a special lamp. Under the influence of rays of different length and different color skin awakens, activates metabolic processes, restoring the immune system. For the hydration of the skin responsible red rays, during which exposure to accelerated synthesis of collagen, accelerates the microcirculation of lymph and production of hyaluronic acid.

Moisturizing spray

The main source of moisture for skin in winter the spray can not be! He is only able to refresh, replenish your salts and minerals, but for a short period of time. Apply thermal water and skin need before the frost. If water and caring means not absorbed, they will simply freeze and "burn" the surface of the epidermis, will cause him harm and will not bring any benefit.

Dietary supplements and drinking water

To believe blindly the promises of nutritional Supplements it is impossible. Help preserve moisture in the epidermis can not all supplements. Dermatologists believe that even the hyaluronic acid in tablets are not able to deliver water to the skin cells! But, they can help to balance those substances in the body that are responsible for the health of the skin. While choosing give preference to those only, whose action is directed on specific problems specifically your body. Follow the rule – healthy I, healthy my skin is.

The absorption of the huge amount of drinking water in the winter also will not save your skin from dryness. Water consumption must conform to generally accepted standards and the needs of your body.


In winter every room should be installed humidifiers. Heating dry air pulls moisture from the skin, and these wonderful devices help to maintain an adequate level of humidity in the room. But setting it should not give rise to cancellation of other procedures and rejection of cosmetics. For skin complex care, especially in the winter!