If the idea of opening a café you already Nasralla, take a sheet of paper, pen and calculator. You will have to do a lot of rigorous calculations that will help to take a sober look at this idea.

Where to start

First and foremost, you need an idea. After all, you can't just decide to open a restaurant. Because of the type of food outlets, range of products and many other will directly affect what expenses you will incur and how much money you will need for the opening of the feed point.

For example, a coffee shop less expensive restaurants. Especially if the restaurant is thematic and is designed for cooking exotic dishes. This is due to the fact that a coffee shop is a small space that requires less rent. In addition, the range in this kind of café is more modest than a full-fledged restaurant, so the kitchen's smaller, and different accessories for it on an industrial scale is not required.

Next, you need to take care of the preparation of a business plan, part of which will be estimates for the business. The business plan should consider many different nuances: costs planned income, necessary expenses, the duration of the preparatory period, when the restaurant still won't work, but to pay the bills already have.

What are the money when opening a cafe

In order to access cafe, you must consider several important parameters, including:
- the cost of renting premises;
- the cost of remodeling it to fit your needs and repair (only one coordination of alterations the average is estimated at $8000, and the cost of repair takes only for the preparation of the design project $40 per sq. m.);
- expenses on acquisition of necessary equipment, which includes ovens, refrigerators, coffee machines, etc.;
- advertising costs;
- the cost of purchasing products.

From this list the most expensive items are the rental of premises (which may take about $500 per sqm per year) and the purchase of special equipment (depending on the type of restaurant the cost of the article can range from $20 thousand to $200 thousand). But you can try to save. For example, will have to carefully study the market a specialized real estate to find a convenient location of the future restaurant or cafe, but with low rent. Also with the equipment. It is not necessary to buy it brand new, it is at first possible to do the installment plan or lease.

Don't forget about the corporate style, i.e., clothes for waiters, bartenders and cooks. On average, buying clothes 2 copies for each team member costs $2-6 thousand

Do not forget about the various registrations, approvals and other legal details. Obtaining necessary documents and permits can require not only time-consuming (2-3 weeks), and financial (payment of fees), but it's several thousand.

In the end, to open his own cafe, you will need more than one million rubles. For the humble and small place will take at least 4 mln. R. Better if this money will be much more to the owner had more opportunities for business development.