Boiler operator performs responsible work. He is responsible for repair of heating equipment, deals service of boilers and adjustment of instrumentation, responsible for fuel accounting and control of steam engines.

The duties of a boiler operator

In accordance with the job description, the attendant is obliged to support the work of the boiler equipment throughout their shift, which usually lasts 12 hours. At the end of the shift the operator is obliged to hand over the workplace the following duty.

The operator is required to understand the technical features of the boilers and know how the quality of fuel affects the combustion process. Also, he should be familiar with the safety precautions when working with heating equipment. In addition, the operator needs to understand the principles of operation of steam engines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, as well as have knowledge about the technology of external heating systems and the causes of malfunction of heating systems.

The list of duties of a boiler operator:
- melting boilers subject to compliance with safety rules and kindling;
regulation uniform combustion of the fuel;
- keeping records of meter readings (water temperature, level of steam and water, steam pressure, etc.);
- functional testing of boilers;
- load control of boilers in accordance with the instructions specified in the schedule;
- Troubleshooting in the work of the boiler equipment;
- ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.

If you encounter an emergency situation, it is necessary to provide a stop of the boiler operation, to take measures on elimination of the accident and to call members, specializing in emergency response.

The responsibility of the boiler operator

The operator on duty is responsible for safe and uninterrupted operation of the boiler. He also is responsible for the sanitary condition of the premises of the boiler house. Therefore, before taking the change he needs to make sure the work place is clean, check the logbook of readings.

Their duties the attendant is obliged to perform in accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. For improper execution of duties, he may be dismissed. The operator is responsible for damage to the boiler (in accordance with applicable law).