Catheterization of the bladder in women

Formulation of the Folia catheter should be performed under sterile conditions to avoid infection in the urinary tract. The doctor or nurse should use sterile gloves, and sterile instruments. The patient laid on the couch, on his back, his feet must be divorced and bent at the hips or straight.

Before the procedure in women treated with external genitals with water solution of antiseptic. The health care provider of his left hand spreads labia, and the right hand enters into the opening of the urethra, the catheter, lubricated with paraffinic oil or sterile glycerin. Movements are made effortlessly. Instrument introduced into the bladder fully. The appearance of the urine is a sign that the catheter is in the bladder. With correct setting, the patient should not experience discomfort and pain.

Catheterization of the bladder in men

The catheter male the head of his penis treated with water disinfectant. To avoid burns of the mucous can not use alcoholic preparations. The health worker, using a special cloth wraps around the patient's penis with the left hand. It is necessary to fix the member between the 3rd and 4th fingers, 1st and 2nd fingers should fix the head and gently pull towards the navel, the penis, to smooth out the angle in the urethra.

In the opening of the urethra is injected with a special moisturizing gel (or vaseline oil, sterile glycerin) or process it sintomitsinovoy emulsion. The end of the "beak" of the catheter direct the tweezers into the outer opening of the urethra, and then gradually move towards the bladder. It is necessary that the instrument passed freely. If you are unable to get the catheter in, you should replace it with a smaller diameter.

When the catheter reaches the bladder, a small balloon at the tip filled with water. The balloon holds the instrument in place and not allow it to fall out. Then a catheter connected to a bag that will collect your urine. It is attached to the thigh, clothes or beds.

To remove the catheter and remove air from a container via a special valve with a syringe. The tool is removed from the urethra, the external opening of which is then treated with aqueous solutions of antiseptic. Further, the catheter, lubricated with paraffinic oil or glycerol, in the same manner as described above.