The attitude of the métis in the early cultures of

Many of the celebrities are willing to openly talk about mixing the blood of some nationalities has allowed them to have such an unusual and attractive type of appearance. If one knows a little history, understands that it was not always so.

In early cultures it was believed that mixing races is not worth it, because it is impossible to expect healthy offspring. There was the belief that among these people, many mentally and physically handicapped children. But recent research scientists have shown that such fears were unfounded.

The offspring of mixed marriages, nothing, except the appearance of your other children are no different. In addition, the modern world with its pace of development makes us forget about racial purity. All people in any generation mestizos. Métis are whole peoples (Arabs, Algerians, Lebanese, etc.).

Why mestizo beautiful?

In order to understand why mestizos are so beautiful, you need to understand what race. Races called the total quality of the gene pool of a large number of people grouped according to certain biological characteristics and the total area of habitat.

There are three races: Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Previously races were divided according to continents. Negroid inhabited Africa, Asia and the Americas – Mongoloid race, and Europe, respectively, Caucasoid. Gradually increased migration, along with more clearly manifested by globalization brought about changes: the races began to mix among themselves.

That's what happened mestizos – people of mixed genes of several races. In ancient times in many cultures, the métis were considered second-class citizens. Moreover, disparities existed between the races.

The concept of "mestizo" appeared in certain variations of racial mixing. The so-called descendants of Europeans and Indians (native Americans). The descendants of Europeans and Negroid recently called the mulattoes, Mongoloids and Negroid – Sambo. Currently, the terms "mulatto" and "Zambo" you can meet less often. Any mixed type appearance is commonly referred to as mestizo.

What is the beauty of the métis?

First, in the appearance of the métis connect expressive features of face and figure, bright skin tones and eyes, the various structures of the hair. Agree that dark-skinned and blue-eyed people at the same time is very unusual. Standard "European" appearance often gives such an extraordinary expression.

Latina with puffy Negro lips, curly hair, dark eyes can not attract attention. In order to see the beauty of mestizos just look at the pictures of many famous representatives of this type of appearance: Beyonce, Shakira, Salma Hayek, Rita Ora, etc.