You will need
  • Internet access, free time, a passport


The first requirement is to understand what life if need insurance that a person wants to insure. The boundaries of the desired very large falling icicles on the head or the end of the world. It is worth remembering that to insure not only themselves completely, but also partially hands on one amount, your head or feet on the other.

The choice of the insurance company

After a man has determined what he intends to insure, you need to begin choosing the insurance company. At the moment in Russia there are several hundred such organizations, but specialists recommend to opt for large, proven not only time, but also the various crises, and those in the country only a few dozen. To decide with one organization, you can read reviews on specific resources or forums. When a dozen will be only two or more companies, you need to go to those who are satisfied with the tariff plan and the terms of insurance.

The nuances in the contract

When reliable insurance company chosen, her man is fully satisfied, you can visit the office of this organization to discuss the points of health insurance or life. You should pay attention to the insurance cases that are prescribed in the contract, as it depends on the terms of the insurance policy or its complete absence.

For example, people have insured themselves against fractures of the spine, and the company clearly stated in the contract that he is forbidden to ride a motorcycle. In this case, the payment will be made. Such restrictions can be very much, so even attractive at first glance, the rate will be quite worthless for the client.

There are several other insurance options. One of them is cumulative. It provides for the payment of contributions for several years. When the time of the contract coming to an end, the person receives the money back with the agreed interest. Looks like a Bank Deposit, but if, during the accumulation period there is an insured event or person dies, it is he who has insurance, gets the entire amount in full. For example, insurance was 500 thousand rubles, and the client paid only 5 thousand. All 500 thousand will be paid immediately.

The huge popularity of this type of insurance where the insurance company has to pay money to heirs after the death of the insured person. Therefore, the payment is given to relatives, because of the insured person it is not useful.


In order to enter into a contract, you will need to spend time to very important procedure - filling in personal data. Most often, the questionnaire plays an important role in making positive decisions about insurance and choosing the rates of insurance. The application must specify information about the condition in detail. It is nothing to hide, as in the contract often includes a paragraph stating that the insurance company will not make payment if the customer had reported false data.

Required documents

Every single insurance company gives specific instructions on what documents will be required to obtain insurance. In any case you will need a passport. If you need to insure a child, friend or relative, in addition to the passport, the birth certificate of the child and the data from the passport of an adult.