Podium bed

The podium under the bed can be both a sleeping area and a good design place for storage of different things, for example, like the drawers you can store clothing or bedding.

When standard solutions are necessary to determine the place that may be allotted under the bed. Everything is hidden under the bed will be on view. All these problems easily solves the podium for the bed – it can be used as shelves or drawers for storage, and may combine these functions.

But this solution has its drawbacks. First, the podium is usually mounted to the floor or to the wall, so its pretty hard to move. Second, to create a multifunctional recreation area will need to devote a large space. Both in length and in width it should be at least 2-3 meters.

However, in a small bedroom, the catwalk to justify itself far better than the usual bulky box. Expanding on this bedspreads and pillows in the Oriental style, you can give the room an atmosphere of relaxation and bliss. In the bedroom with a minimalist style is perfect, the podium, hand made from scrap materials.

Platform bed with their hands

Take 6-8 pallet of medium size. Treat them carefully: sand, sand, and optional color or paint. It is most convenient to bond them in two tiers, steps, with metal corners. Lay on top of the mattress and the bed-podium finish.

If in addition to simplicity, you want to make the item and even functionality, for example, using it as a place to store things, consider how you will move the boxes. They can stand on wheels or to the walls will be fastened retractable guide rails.

This design is ideal for a child's room. It provides plenty of space for toys and entertainment, also, can not be afraid that at night the child will fall or roll down from the bed. In a small living room, playing the role of several facilities, a podium will also be useful.

This bed is convenient because within seconds it can transform into a dance, a scene or an office. To do this, simply remove the mattress and blankets and pillows to hide in boxes. In this case, it is more appropriate to make the podium-built-in bed using the same coating for the surface of steps that is applied on the floor.

Such a bed is interesting in that area to sleep on it can be arbitrary and does not limit you in movement and position.