You will need
  • - plastic bottles.
Plastic bottles – an indispensable thing in the economy. For example, you can use them for water, storage, kvass, compote and other beverages. Small capacity convenient to put in bag, so that if necessary you can always quench your thirst or to wash down the medication.
Slice off the top part of the bottle. With the two sides attach it with tape to the lower part, simulating duct tape some semblance of a furniture hinge. The upper portion will cover the lower container, in which you can store bulk items, cereals.
From the bottom of the bottle of any size with the bottom turns out to be convenient holder for your phone while it is charging. For its production cut bottle top. Unable to throw it away, you no longer need. Then, the remaining parts make the holder for this mark on the bottle and cut a "tongue" that you can hang on a hook or nail. If you cut a hole with a diameter slightly greater than the socket holder-pocket can be hung straight on her.
Also from a plastic bottle to make a scoop for bulk items, cereals, flour, etc.
If you connect tape nine-liter bottles (pre-they can be two-thirds filled with water) and covered them with fabric and foam, you get a convenient Ottoman. In the same way, only with a much larger number of plastic containers, you can make "coffee" table, a sofa, a sleeping place in the garden.
Fill bottles with sand and kopite them along paths, garden beds, flower beds, paint - you will get the original borders and decorative fences.
Gardeners use bottle to protect trees from rodents. It is enough to "dress up" trunk in a plastic outfit. Previously the bottle need to be cut, and then wrap it around the trunk. For reliability, you can fix the resulting "seam" of the bottle with tape.
Cut the bottle from both sides, insert them deeply into the soil. In the resulting "containers" will plant seedlings: in this "house" the roots of the plants will be protected from many garden pests, including mole crickets.
If you cut have five-liter bottle sidewall to attach to her ears, eyes, and other attachments, paint it and then fill the earth, it is possible to obtain the original bed for flowers or greenery.
Take a stalk, eight plastic bottles. Cut them in narrow strips and fit the stalk. Secure the bottle with nails or screws so that they are not out of the cutting. You'll have a comfortable outdoor panicle.
Widely used plastic bottles for decoration of gardens and the manufacture of garden sculptures. Put a little extra effort, imagination, and in your front garden situated cheerful urchins, frog, birds, animals and fantastic characters. For the decoration phase you can also make the flowers: lilies, daisies, cornflowers, dahlias, asters, etc.
The easiest way useful utilitybase plastic bottles brown and green colors – make one palm. To do this, dark bottles cut off the bottom, the upper part (it can be slightly notched, making the needles or "petals") fit the rod or solid wire. Make thus the trunk of the future tree. Crown wood manufacture of green bottles that need to be cut into large strips-sheets. The crown and secure with a stopper. If you want to hang a palm tree "banana", for which ideal small bottles of yogurt "Rastishka", drugs.