Advice 1: What is nature

Nature is the outside world, subject to certain laws, which were formed over millions of years. The concept of the word "nature" scientists are treated differently, but its essence is primary. Nature cannot be created by man, it should be taken for granted. A narrower meaning implies the world or the essence of something: the nature of feelings, the nature of the relationship, etc.
What is nature
Nature is the material world, which is the main object of study of science. Most often the word "nature" is used, describing the natural habitat of man. This is the universe, everything that surrounds man, except man-made things. Nature is a set of natural conditions of human existence and the society in which he lives. Nature can be divided into categories and definitions: alive and not alive, wild and cultivated, natural and artificial, etc. the Russian term "nature" part comes from the Latin word natura (the material world). The encyclopedic value of this word defines it as all things in a broad sense. That is, the whole world in its diversity of forms. Often used in line with the concepts of the universe, matter, the universe. Nature is the object of natural science. Human activity and society has a significant impact on the environment, both negative and positive. These factors require the establishment of a harmonious interaction between nature and man.Making a single link, man and nature can not do without each other. To Express the notion of "nature" is quite difficult, as it's something impenetrable and immense. On the other hand, nature has created us, it surrounds us. Nature is all filled and inhabited our planet: forests, mountains, seas, oceans, flora and fauna, people... it's No secret that man is helpless before nature, but he is able to destroy it. The state of nature to a great extent depends on the human relationship to it. If modern civilization is, voluntarily or involuntarily, will destroy the natural harmony in nature, you should not be surprised then global disasters and natural disasters. The world is connected. People should care for nature in order not to harm yourself. It it quite on forces.

Advice 2: What is flora and fauna

When we go for a walk in the woods or resting on the banks of the river, you can see a variety of plants and trees. And juicy vegetation in the forests of the Moscow region differs sharply from the traditional trees and dead wood in steppe areas. As different from each other and wild animals that inhabit different natural habitats. All plants and wildlife are called "flora and fauna of a particular region.
The unity of the fauna and flora

Flora and vegetation

Today flora in botany is a community of all subspecies of plants that grow or grew previously on strictly defined territory. It is possible to confuse the concepts "plants" and "flora", perceiving them to be synonymous, although they are different things. For example, you can talk about the flora of Kursk region, the Kola Peninsula or the flora of Primorye. Thus the larger the region, the richer presents its flora.

So flora of the Stavropol territory has approximately 1,200 species of plants, and the flora of Russia already more than 18 thousand, including gymnosperms, moss, ferns, horsetails and ground cover plants. Greenhouse and plants to the flora of do not apply.

Under the definition of "the vegetation of a certain territory" means a set of plant communities native to the region. For example, the Moscow region is characterized by different types of forests, marshes and meadows. But the vegetation on the whole territory of Russia will be much richer and more diverse. It consists of much more plant communities, including mountain, tundra, forest-steppe, desert, etc.

Even the phrase "flora and flora" is used in medicine in the study of all microorganisms, which are characteristic for specific organs. As, for example, the flora of the larynx.


The concept of fauna refers to all animal species that lived or still live in the area. Animals that are in zoos, and Pets in the species composition are not included. The main feature of each fauna is the ecological nature of the species included in its composition. Thus, the fauna of tropical forests is characterized by the presence of a large number of animals adapted to living in trees. A different tree-climbing mammals, Reptilia, birds, many insects and other animals that used to eat the foliage and fruits of trees or live at the expense of the destroyed wood.

Using different methods of analysis botanists can confidently talk about the origin of one or the other fauna, as well as its links with the remote and the nearby fauna. The results of these analyses, species with similar distribution are joined into certain groups according to their habitat, for example - fauna of the island of Madagascar. In addition, fixed the exact location of a specific animal in the appropriate section of the fauna. So, the butterfly refers to the entomofauna of the fauna or insects.
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