The green stone is considered a symbol of life and youth. In addition, they are attributed to the lyrical feelings and experiences. It is believed that the green stone is able to heal the wounds of heart. Stones color of leaves and grass inspire in the soul of man hope and faith in a happy future. They are endowed with healing properties. Jewelry with green stones have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure. Transparent stones of a pale green color attributed to a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Gems green

The most expensive and popular of the green stone is the emerald. Interestingly, in nature, this gorgeous stone looks absolutely unattractive. Its amazing beauty and magical modulations appear only as the result of clever cutting. Jewelry with emeralds are among the most expensive. Typically, they are framed in gold or platinum.

Bright green demantoid is the most expensive and rare variety of garnet. It is highly valued by jewelers for stunning diamond Shine. It is believed that jewelry with demantoid have a positive impact on human mental abilities.

Unique stone is green sapphire. No wonder it is used only in very expensive jewelry in gold or platinum setting.

Semi-precious green stones

Chrysolite refers to semi-precious stones. However, this is one of the most beautiful and valuable green stones. In terms of natural lighting, it has a light green color with a Golden hue. With the change of the light source, the stone changes color to bright green. Since ancient times beryl was used to decorate temples, palaces and tombs.

Green Jasper can be light or dark, and may have inclusions of white color. Due to its high strength, jade was often used as an ornamental stone. It is made of boxes and figurines. Particularly impressive are the products in which pieces of Jasper take the form of leaves and flowers.

The most famous of ornamental stones green is malachite. It is an opaque dark green stone with unusual natural pattern. It is most commonly used for the manufacture of boxes, statues and vases. Jewelry with malachite are rare.

Jade is also considered to be an ornamental stone, though it belongs to semi-precious. Its traditional shade – grass-green, but the stones are white-green and dark green colors. To cut jade often has a mottled inclusions.