Nowadays, stores Botovo equipment offers a wide selection of gas stoves with various functions. When choosing, consider the following characteristics.


This feature is necessary in order for it to perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. Overall dimensions of the plates are different, depending on the model and manufacturer. Standard dimensions are: height – 86 cm, width – 50cm., the distance between the plates – 26 cm


They are an important element of the gas stove. The main role in the play burner nozzles, feed on the surface of the plate of the air-gas mixture. The nozzles may differ in diameter of the holes and size.

The burners may vary in shape: oval and round. Most often, meeting a gas stove with round burners.

Recently, gas stoves are equipped with one big burner for faster cooking.

Brass locker

It is an important subject of gas stoves. Thanks to him, you can bake the pies, bake the chicken and prepare a delicious casserole.

There are three types of ovens – gas, electric, and gas grill. Uniform heating occurs in electric oven and gas Cabinet grill.

Control type

There are two types of gas stoves: electronic and mechanical. Select the type of control depends on your preferences. The first type has a relatively high price and the complexity of control, which consists in certain combinations of pressing the touch buttons.

Electronic ignition

The lighter is a device which enables the ignition of the gas stove electric spark. Today, almost all modern boards have a built-in electric ignition. It is of two types: automatic and manual.

The working surface

Working surface – the top part of a stove, which has burners. They differ from each other not only in size but also the materials. They are: enamel, ceramic, steel.

The most common is the enameled surface. The most important advantages: relatively low cost, high quality, great choice of colors, durability. But, it is very difficult to maintain in pure form, as it appears from scratches and dirt.
In the first, mainly found steklokeramicheskaja work surface. It is made of durable material, so will serve for quite a long time. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Countertops gas stoves stainless steel can be matte or polished. They are quite durable, easily laundered, and have an expensive look.


Cooktops can be gas and combined. For gas cooktops you must have a supply of the main gas. Combined devices are working both on gas and on electricity. They are much more expensive and harder to repair.

When buying gas stoves, it is important to pay attention to the presence of all the required components and the presence of guarantees.