Why naked nudists

Despite the controversy and the opponents of nudism, some grain of truth in this way of life there. The fact that nudists get naked not to plunge to shock the public or to offend others. Their goal is to accept yourself and love your body in its primary form. Don't be ashamed of it, and learn to see its beauty. There is nothing more natural than the human body.

The second reason why today we join the nudist movement – the desire to go back to basics and get closer to nature. Man is born, as you know, without clothes. As in primitive tribes, where people are not tethered to the cold, nor social conventions, they all go absolutely naked, absolutely not shy. Undressing and stepping barefoot on the earth and soft grass, nudists feel their unity with nature that in the modern technological world can be a very important and significant.

Nudism and children

But to walk naked in the apartment or in the remote woods is one thing, but to show yourself like this to others or members of his family – is quite another. Family nudism – the phenomenon of today also are not rare. However, the most complex and controversial issue here is the way children are raised in such families. If the parents are nudists and used to walk home naked, it often comes to mind is to attach to the same lifestyle and children. Here begins the most interesting. Psychologists advise to approach this question very carefully and be sure to explain to children the difference between behavior in the family and in public places. After all, if a baby from birth used to see mom and dad naked and he runs around the house, you must give him to understand that in a kindergarten it to undress should not.

Harmony or moral injury

Another important point is the psychological aspect of raising a child in a family of nudists. Parents should be aware that in the period of puberty for children is extremely important that the issues of gender present a mystery. If five-year-old baby can normally perceive their own nakedness or the nakedness of his own, at the age of 13 he could be much more difficult that must be taken into consideration and respected.

Always remember that each person is unique and has the right of choice. If your children refuse to undress in your presence, insist it is not necessary. Learn to listen to them. The question of differences of sex and sexual education is extremely important in the upbringing of children, do not hurt the child, forcing to the fact that he doesn't like.