Starting to lose weight, that is to adhere to a selected diet can be in any of the lunar phases. You only need to slightly adjust food choices and physical activity.
At the new moon it is advisable to limit yourself to a strict diet, and on the first day it is best to arrange fasting days, eating only yogurt or skim milk. In large quantities, you can eat vegetables and fruits (except for sweet). The amount you drink is necessary to significantly increase. Give preference to non-carbonated mineral water will help excrete toxins. Exercise reduce, limit yourself to only daily morning exercises.
During the growing phase of the moon absorbed all drugs, so in this phase it is good to start taking vitamins with minerals. Drink fresh juices, and diet, use gentle. The diet should be high in calories, but water and still drink in excess. This phase of the moon gives a sense of the tide of unprecedented energy. By the way, the tide energy can be used for sports. Exercise coupled with diet will give highly effective result in the fight against obesity.
The phase of the waning moon is the worst time to go on a diet. The constant feeling of hunger, which is exacerbated in this phase might lead to uncontrolled eating. You should eat normally, within reason. All fats entering the body at this phase of the moon, quickly and easily broken down and tend to Lodge in the fatty folds. This period can be moderately doing sports, visiting the gym.
Generally, the lunar calendar for weight loss divided into two periods. The first period begins on the full moon, diet this time is based on the use of liquid. During this period, the excess fluid in the body is displayed that allows you to deal with its delay in the body. The second period begins in the new moon, the diet is based on eating fruits and vegetables. The body gets the vitamins and gets rid of toxins.
Slimming on the moon, remember the immutable rules: in the diet gradually enter, go smoothly, the adjustment period can take from 2 weeks to 1.5 months. Drink plenty of fluids, don't start no urgent need treatment, especially medication. Chop food, eat often, but gradually. Potatoes and bread replace with whole grains, pasta refuse. Coffee, sugar, salt and pepper should be banned, smoked and roasted in limited quantities.