The most famous and popular project John Warren is a television program called "let's Go eat," in which the immediate and unsophisticated Englishman enjoys trying and trying to prepare meals that are alien to its Homeland and often incomprehensible and so strange for him. His passion for knowledge of everything new and unusual that attracts the viewer, does not let him throughout the program, although that is preparing on the screen, this weird Englishman, simply and clearly.

Passion for Russia comes from childhood

To show interest in Russia and everything Russian John began in childhood. His 12-year-old boy already had an excellent command of the Russian language, knew practically everything about the cultural heritage of these interesting representatives of the Slavic peoples, their customs and traditions. Along with the Russian culture and language, John was fond of symphonic music and more than 10 years devoted to playing the wind instruments in the orchestra.

Graduate in Russian with English roots

At the end of basic education, John was accepted to the University of Bristol, where he continued the study of Russian language and literature. This period of his life ended with the writing of a thesis on the works of the great Russian writer Bulgakov, which, incidentally, he had read in his childhood and was very passionate about them. After graduation in 1991, John went on to conquer the mysterious and extremely attractive to him Russia.

Life in Russia

Settle, John decided in Moscow. The first years of his stay he devoted to the grain trade in one of the major companies. Three years later he managed to open his own business in this direction in Rostov-na-Donu. And his company not only purchase agricultural products for export, but also engaged in lending to suppliers – Russian farmers. But the default of 1998 forced the Englishman to return to their historical homeland, where he spent the next 6 years. However, Russia continued to beckon, and in 2004 he opened a small workshop for the production of meat products in Korolev, Moscow region.

Step into the TV

In 2012, the Russian TV has offered Russified Englishman to engage in the creation of the culinary program, and he gladly agreed, although about the career of the presenter or when not think. He has participated in various TV shows, but as guest or expert. Culinary themes fascinated John always, for many years he collected recipes for Russian dishes, and the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, and he certainly didn't. Together with the crew program, he has traveled more than a hundred Russian cities, collected a unique collection of recipes with only recipes soup contains more than 250 species.