In special cases the ointment "Yam" may be prescribed to treat the person. But without the advice of a doctor to use the tool is not recommended. In addition, it is better to take from a dermatologist prescription to the pharmacy prepared the ointment individually.
Before treatment application instructions ointment "Yam" should be studied from cover to cover. Improper use of the product with dermatitis, eczema or trihofitiej can lead to side effects.
To understand how to use the ointment "Yam" people need to carefully study its composition. Some components are completely safe for humans and used in some medicinal emulsions. For example, well-known salicylic acid promotes drying of the inflammation. And by means of zinc oxide, tar and sulfur heal wounds on the surface of the skin in both animals and humans. Present in the composition of ointment is a petrolatum and lanolin protect your epidermis from irritation. Of concern only turpentine and coal Besfamilny creolin, but in moderate amounts these ingredients are harmless.
The advantages of the ointment "Yam" for a person in her high astringent and antiseptic properties aimed at the destruction psoroptic and sarcoptoid mites. These parasites cause scabies and ringworm. Ointment "Yam" for people not prone to skin irritation and increased sensitivity to the drug components. Naturally, in the absence of Allergy to any of them.
So, detailed instructions on the application of the ointment "Yam". First, you need to clean the face and disinfect the skin with tincture of calendula. Then distribute the substance over the entire surface of the face in a thin layer, slightly vtiraya. Better to do it with a special spatula or cotton pad. You must then wait 1 hour.
At the end of the procedure to remove remnants of the ointment ordinary dry napkins without washing with water. Going to bed, should lay a pillow anything, so as not to stain the pillowcase. All night, the skin pores will be closed and the mites will not have access to oxygen.
In the morning you need to wash tar soap. Apply a cream or makeup is not recommended. Generally at the time of treatment should abandon the use of cosmetics. Apply the ointment in a day until the symptoms of the presence of skin mites.
There is another way, which will tell you how to use the ointment "Yam" people. Skin preparation and the application remain the same. But the session time ranges from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Everyday you need to add a quarter of an hour, until you reach the maximum time. Then decrease the interval. The entire course is 15 days.