Today to increase the speed tend to not only athletes, but also those who want to be healthy and have good physical shape. After conducting several studies, reputable scientists were able to establish: obstacle running speed is that the legs of a runner pass are only some of the force received from hitting the ground. If in the future will be able to solve the issue of strong muscle contraction, this will allow to develop the speed to 60-65 km/h. For this reason, no one has yet achieved such results, but it's a matter of time. An ordinary person with an active race can move with an average speed of 15 to 20 km/h.

Running speed at different distances

At short distances from the runners is required to have high speed ability, due to the tension of the struggle and its dynamics. Here, the sprinters were able to develop the highest speed, which reaches up to 45 km/h Speed slightly decreases at around 80-100 meters, which is caused by fatigue and oxygen deficit. These reasons allow you to get the results. the idea of high-speed abilities. To maximize speed, athletes use a special scheme of training that help to develop speed endurance. Sprint speed can achieve and athletes of team sports.

Speed runners on middle and long distance events depends more on the degree of fitness, physical abilities and volitional qualities. Their main task is the distribution of its forces in the distance, moving with constant speed and acceleration in the final stage. Trained athletes can run at speeds up to 17 km/h, and novice - up to 9 km/h For training runners often use the interval method, where you alternate running and active rest.

The average speed during the Wellness run

When recovery running need for health to improve physical endurance and to strengthen the heart, and not for setting records. An important point is regular and regular classes that are better to start with a walk. The next step will be Jogging at a speed of 7-9 km/h. If the physical state and other parameters after exercise are normal, then it will start to run elastic, which develops speed up to 12 km/h. to Achieve greater speed possible to intense exercise, the correct technique and adherence to established rules.