You will need
  • specific drugs for the treatment of fungal rhinitis: "Polideksa", "Protargol", "Mupirocin",
  • - Destinova ointment
  • - "Nestin" tablets
  • juice Golden mustache.
Candida – the pathogen is in the gut of almost everyone. During the course of antibiotics, Candida is looking for a new habitat and is able to take root, including in the mucosa of the sinuses. In this case there is an infectious disease of the nose, fungal rhinitis, which manifests as profuse nasal discharge, nasal congestion and a constant feeling of pressure in the sinuses.
The diagnosis of rhinitis, swabs taken from the nasal sinuses and are sown in a nutrient medium. Laboratory investigation of swabs under a microscope will help determine the diagnosis of the disease.
Treatment of fungal rhinitis is quite difficult and long process. The treatment will be successful, if found to be the cause of rhinitis. It can be effects of treatment other organs antibiotics, disturbances in the hormonal system, diseases of the patient with diabetes. All these conditions create favorable conditions for reproduction of Candida in the nasal cavity.
There are many medications designed for the treatment of fungal rhinitis, but sometimes their use is not giving the desired effect, and sometimes even provoke aggravation.
Practicing ENT doctors along with patented drugs offered also to use the recipes of traditional medicine. These recipes are much safer antibiotics, do not destroy the patient's immune system. Thus, a positive result provides simultaneous use nesterovoj ointments which twice a day lubricate the sinuses, tablets "Nastina" and as an additional tool for the treatment of rhinitis, the instillation of juice, squeezed from plants Golden mustache.
Simultaneously with local treatment of candidiasis, a nasal common therapeutic treatment designed to strengthen the immunity of the patient. However, the doctor is obliged to warn the patient about the possibility of relapse.
The patient must firmly understand that self-treatment of candidiasis of the nose is unacceptable. Such self-medication can only aggravate the disease, and in the worst case, to create a more favorable environment for Candida. Only under the supervision of a physician can be successful treatment of mycotic rhinitis with the obligatory support of laboratory research.