Contagious or not a runny nose, and how long a person with a stuffy nose may remain potentially dangerous – such are the concerns of many who do not want to get sick himself, and seeks not to infect their loved ones.

What is cold and what's he pointing at

A runny nose is called a reaction of the nasal mucosa to different stimuli. The invasion of dust, viruses, bacteria, microbes and other organisms starts mucus, which the body tries to get rid of the irritation. And everything goes from the nose together in the form of mucus. A runny nose is a transparent and quite liquid discharge. Such are not contagious and can not be afraid.

A similar manifestation is allergic rhinitis. It may be accompanied by active sneezing. Is a runny nose normal reaction to any stimulus (pollen, food, dander, household mites, etc. This cold should not be afraid.

However, most of the cold is a signal to be wary. By itself, however, it is not contagious, since all SARS is a viral infection. Dangerous contact with a healthy person excretions. After all, in the secretions of a sick person in excess contain viruses that are easily transmitted by airborne droplets.

There is also the cold, which arose from the appearance in the organism of bacterial infection. This may be a consequence of incorrect treatment of viral infection, when the background of the wrong medication join the bacteria, and the patient's condition deteriorates.

How do you get secretions

You can catch household by, for example, picking up the same thing held shortly before a sick man. After all, he could blow his nose, and then something to hold. As often happens in kindergarten, when the kids still have a rather detached view of hygiene.

Also you can catch in the room where he had been a carrier of the virus. Especially if it's well blew his nose. Because viruses are quickly spread throughout the room, covering a large surface.

A cold contagious to others as much as it is a different color and texture from normal. For example, bacterial rhinitis is a green-yellow thick discharge. This cold sure is contagious. On average, the infectiousness of SARS patient person for about 5 days. After the disease is on the decline, and runny nose becomes a residual symptom that danger to others is not responsible.