How to dig a dung worm

The shortest and most delicate of all suitable for fishing worms is a beetle. On a bait biting great white bream, roach and other small cyprinid fish. To distinguish the beetle from other worms easily – his body is painted in reddish-yellow, and when squeezed by the fingers of the worm secreted a yellow liquid with a pungent and very characteristic smell. To find a beetle in decaying manure and a fat land abandoned greenhouses. Dry and too moist manure this worm is not found.

Where to dig earthworm

Earthworm is a little larger than the beetle. His body is painted in a light gray color. In large individuals it may have a pinkish hue. Used this type of bait especially when fishing market. Despite the "high strength" earthworm, many fishermen do not find him attractive delicacy for fish. Find the bait in the well-kept garden soil at a depth of 15-20 cm onto the surface of the soil earthworms crawl out only with the onset of rainy weather.

Where to get podistica

Podlesnik – worm, whose body is painted in thick red, sometimes with bluish or violet tint. It is not necessary to dig out of the earth, because he lives podlisnic on the surface of moist soil, hiding under rotten leaves, stale straw, sawdust and wood shavings. Despite the large, in comparison with the dung and earth worm, sizes, only a few fishermen use it as fishing bait. The fact that is attached to the hook, the worm ceases to move quickly, fixed the bait rarely evokes the interest of fish.

How to get the Nightcrawlers

The Nightcrawlers is considered the largest worm, used as bait for catching fish. Its length can reach 30 cm, thickness – 9 mm. the Body of the worm covered with slime that protects it from drying out and promotes rapid movement. Hunting for Nightcrawlers has its own characteristics. To find this worm, you need to walk in the Park or garden paths. Noticed while walking the handful of earth, carefully slide them. Round holes plugged with leaves, point you to dwelling worms. To dig for Nightcrawlers useless, his moves are very deep. Come to this place when it gets dark. Shine a flashlight on the area adjacent to the hole. Nightcrawlers usually lie near the entrance to the hole, lowering it the tail of the calf. Cautiously approach the prey, grab it with three fingers and pull the worm out of the hole. The Nightcrawlers – perfect bait for catching larger fish.

How to store worms for fishing

Collecting the bait, place it in a wooden or cardboard box, and it is better to clean a canvas bag, together with the land from which you were dug. Plastic bags and cans to store worms are not suitable.