Three broken marriage because of the unwillingness to leave the country after your favorite

Singer and composer, people's artist of Russia Yuri Antonov for his solo career on the Russian and international stage has earned an ambiguous way. A significant figure in the world of show business attracts the attention of people of different generations. The personal life of the artist is sort of interesting. Yury Antonov doesn't like to share with the press about his love life, but recurring scandals increasingly heated interest in the singer. People's artist of Russia he was thrice married, but to go to another country after your favorite did not dare.

For the first time, Yuri Antonov, were married in 1976 when he was 21. With the first wife Antonov could go to the West, however, remained at Home, and first wife moved to new York. Such action Antonova can be explained by the determination and courage of character. Singer, for example, is still active in the struggle against the manufacturers of pirated music and with great success, conducting devastating raids of stalls with poor quality discs. About the second wife of singer, Miroslav, very little is known. After a difficult life together with the artist Miroslav moved to permanent residence in Croatia. And the third marriage of Yuri Antonov broke up because of the invincibility of the change areas. Life in a foreign country for the Antonov would have been impossible because of the love for the Motherland. Third wife, Anna, left Russia, currently resides in Paris. It is known that from the third marriage of the artist is the eldest daughter Ludmila and the younger son Michael.

What character traits should be a woman according to Yuri Antonov

Yuri Antonov believes that the companion of his life must be calm, balanced and not to show character. Not to argue with my husband to adjust to his character. And this is understandable. In fact, a creative person periodically rolls from side to side. And if the family of these two, the boat of family happiness will be doomed to crash. At the moment all the wishes of the temperamental singer performing Pets. In the country house of the singer, there are about 40 dogs and cats. Antonov often compares women and cats, finding they have much in common. With age love is not the main thing in the life of the artist. The speeches, the applause, the affection of the public takes a much more positive emotions, caring for Pets brings happiness to the artist.

It is known that Yuri Antonov does not like to open the soul wide open to discuss his personal life. The press, in turn, is replete with abundance attributed to an interview about turbulent personal life or new Hobbies artist. Such a wonderful person as Yuri Antonov, first of all he gives love to people in their songs, sometimes sacrificing their own happiness. Perhaps the artist still wants to meet his love and dreams of a family, but the fate of such talented and creative people is not always giving gifts. Dream comes true and not true.