Scientists have proved that in the navel of a man accumulates approximately 1,400 of various bacteria. Most of them are quite dangerous, and only under certain conditions, they can threaten human health. Failure to comply with the daily cleansing of this delicate part of the human body increased concentration of bacteria and microbes can provoke an unpleasant smell and liquid discharge from the navel.


The most common cause of weeping navel is omphalitis – bacterial inflammation of the umbilical wound and umbilical vessels, umbilical ring, or the subcutaneous fat around the umbilical ring. Symptoms of omphalitis are weeping discharge from the umbilicus, swelling, redness, unpleasant odor, itching and pain. When running the form in omphalitis umbilical depression going pus and ichor. If left untreated purulent inflammation of the navel, it will quickly spread to neighbouring tissue. When omphalitis umbilical fold is treated with silver nitrate, washed with hydrogen peroxide, but at the advanced stage only helps surgery. Omphalitis may have a simple, purulent, phlegmonous or necrotic form. Agents of the disease are streptococci, staphylococci and Escherichia coli.

Umbilical fistula

Umbilical fistula is a congenital disorder that develops as a result of cleft of the umbilical-urinary or umbilical-intestinal duct. When nezareatmene umbilical-urinary duct from the navel allocated a small portion of the urine, this defect is particularly noticeable during urination. Nezareatmene umbilical-intestinal duct fraught or intestinal mucous outlets from the navel. In some cases, umbilical fistula may appear as a result of prolonged inflammatory process of the anterior wall of the abdomen, when the navel is opened purulent abscess. Umbilical fistula treated by excision and suturing of the defect in the wall of the bladder or bowel.

Other causes weeping belly button

In addition to omphalitis and weeping fistula of the navel may be associated with structural features of the umbilical canal, complications after the piercing, the lack of hygiene in the hot season. In deep and narrow umbilical canal often accumulates sweat and dying skin particles. This leads to infection and inflammation of the umbilical region. In some cases, the appearance of discharge from the navel may be associated with complications after the piercing, which is an open wound. Below the navel was healthy, it needs a daily wash with soapy foam or liquid soap, then wipe dry with a soft towel or cloth. And remember that a clean navel is healthy skin that has no fear of any bacteria!