Advice 1: What to wear with a jacket without a collar

Jacket without collar – bold and stylish design course. This thing will take a worthy place in the wardrobe of the modern fashionista. But that image turned out noticeable, impressive and harmonious, wear a jacket without a collar should be correctly chosen things.
What to wear with a jacket without a collar

Jacket without collar trend of the new season

Coats and jackets without collars today are very popular among fashionistas. These little things look unusual, stylish and original that makes it easy to create memorable and attention-grabbing way. Most often this stops at jackets: they are versatile and suitable for creating various ensembles.

Modern jackets without collars are created from different fabrics. In first place the fashionistas of leather products. These jackets are unusual, and effectively, allowing them to be used in sets of different stylistic orientation. For example, the product of leather perfectly complement your business or evening attire.

A more casual option – the denim jacket without collar. This model is ideal for images in casual style. A variety of pullovers, sweaters, classic shirts and t-shirts. As a bottom the best choice – jeans casual/classic style or skinny pants.

Very unusual and interesting look quilted collarless jacket. These products can be combined with casual clothes and with sets that have a sports focus. Quilted jacket will look great with a cotton suit, knitted trousers, breeches. The quality of the shoes in this case can be safely used sneakers, tennis shoes or sneakers.

However, with all the pizzazz and singularity, the jacket is collarless, has a small drawback: it is not suitable to every girl. Cut product visually enlarges the shoulders, making the figure more massive. Therefore, wearing the jacket without collar is recommended for women with a narrow upper body. To soften the effect of the width is possible if the top clothes don't zip up.

How to combine the jacket without collar

The body of the jacket without the collar it looked spectacular and beautiful, you need to carefully choose complementary wardrobe items. Special attention should be paid to the neck area. Most stylists recommend not to drape this part. Such a maneuver would deprive the unusual jacket, making a stylish model in a simple and less interesting.

Jacket without a collar will look great with products with round, oval, V-shaped cutouts. Alternatively, you can use badlani and turtlenecks with narrow necks without lapels. To create a spectacular ensemble, the inner part must be of a contrasting colour.

Leather jacket without a collar will perfectly complement a business suit and evening dress, and romantic kit. For example, wear under stylish outerwear chiffon blouse/shirt and lightweight pants. The contrast of materials and layering accentuate your femininity and taste. Also a jacket without a collar of skin can be safely placed on top of concise knitted dress, cotton sundress, or bustier top.

Jacket collarless denim is an excellent choice for casual Affairs. An example is both comfortable and stylish set shows Sarah Jessica Parker. Under a jacket without a collar of the combined jeans, the actress wore a simple cotton shirt, light denim pants classic cut, split and ugg boots. This ensemble looks very impressive and is perfect for cool autumn weather.

Advice 2: How to wear collar trench

The Trench collar is a soft collar that encircles the neck and fastens with Velcro. To choose the best orthopedic in specialized stores. There experienced staff will select for you suitable collar Trench. And remember a few tips about how to choose a collar for yourself.
How to wear collar trench
Remember that a Trench collar is very useful during the "jamming of the neck," when one muscle begins to pull his neck to the side with severe pain. In this case, this device can help you out. Collar Trench extremely useful in the initial stage of fatigue neck after physical work, when a feeling of fatigue or strain in the cervical spine. Wear collar Trench during the period of attack of the vertebral artery syndrome. This syndrome is usually accompanied by pain in the neck, trapezes, headache, nausea. But in cases of seizures can occur even deterioration while wearing the collar.
Note that there are also rigid holders for neck, is made of metal or plastics, which are used for fractures or severe trauma to the neck. It is important to understand that the wearing of the collar of the Trench is not a treatment for anything. This is a possible temporary relief of symptoms, fatigue neck. The collar performs the function of the support apparatus of the neck. Roughly speaking, the bones for the neck. The collar takes the weight of the head, then transmits this weight to the clavicle bone and a bit of the base of the neck, evenly distributing the load. Due to this, unload the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the neck, and the head is held in the correct position.
When choosing a collar please note that it should not be too tightly fastened with Velcro. In no case should not be feelings of suffocation and pressure on the neck. You can check this with your finger: if the finger is held between the collar and the neck, the pressure's all right.
Consider the following - the height of the collar should match the distance from the base of the neck to the mandible in front and the beginning of the cranium in the back. The bottom of the collar should rest on the clavicle bone and at the top is prop up the lower jaw so that the position of the head it was smooth. Wearing a collar should follow the curves of your body. A wrong collar will only bring deterioration.
Know that to wear the collar Trench in any case impossible. Because the neck in this case will no longer be loaded and will begin to atrophy, losing their functions and istemas daneva.
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