Pale lips are a sign of anemia

If a person has pale, almost white lip with a high degree of probability points to a disease such as anemia (anemia). In this case, it is recommended to do a blood test. If it is confirmed that the hemoglobin content is below normal, you need to take steps to improving it. It is necessary to increase the consumption of foods rich in easily digestible iron, but also to take drugs, vitamin complexes that contain this trace mineral.

You must avoid a common, especially among people who adhere to vegetarianism, error. Some believe that to raise the hemoglobin level enough every day to eat pomegranates, beets, red apples. However, although these plant foods, especially pomegranates, are rich in iron, they are not able to significantly increase the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. To do this, first of all, you need to eat liver and red meat (beef, lamb). Indeed, in these animal products not only a lot of iron, but it is also easily digestible. Especially useful for anemia liver.

As evidenced by the bright lips with a bluish tinge

The lips, moreover, that have become unnaturally bright, bluish tint, it indicates diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory system. If the edges of these lips there is still a clearly distinguishable red border is a characteristic symptom of cyanosis, in which the tissues of the body enough oxygen. In any case, you must consult a doctor to be examined and start the appropriate treatment.

Why else can turn white lips? Lips turn white also in case of strong pain or a sudden severe fright. The fact that the capillaries dilate or constrict according to the signals received from the autonomic nervous system. And that when severe pain or fear automatically commanded to decrease the lumens of capillaries. As a result, the amount of blood flowing in the superficial tissue of the body, decreases sharply, and his lips turn white. But when pain or fear cease to exist, everything quickly returns to normal.

Lips can turn white because of the violation of the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. due to acute gastritis. In this case, the marked pallor around the mouth. At the first sign of the disease should consult a gastroenterologist and get tested for these organs.