How to care for leather coats

Sheepskin is winter clothing, so it is best worn in dry, cold weather. If sheepskin is still wet, you should blot with a paper towel or soft cloth and allow to dry on a hanger in the room, away from sources of heat and bright sun. It is strictly forbidden to dry a sheepskin coat electrical appliances, e.g. hair dryer, because appearance will be lost. Do not hang moist coats in your closet in order to not create dampness.

To wash the sheepskin in any case impossible, as it may become brittle, rough and vary in size. Dirty stains in the home can be cleaned with warm milk. A solution of oxalic acid and talcum powder to remove grease stains. Small contaminated spots on the surface may be cleaned with a regular eraser. Gate, sleeve and pockets clean rubberized cloth or synthetic sponge. And that appears on the product whitish spots can be colored using dyes for wool. That all went well – it must be good clean and then paint, strictly following the instructions.

Appeared spot, you should try to immediately remove the snow or clean handkerchief. You need to warn your favorite thing from falling drops of perfume, deodorant. In stores you can buy all sorts of products for skin care.

Folk remedies for removing stains

There are folk remedies for removing stains on the coat, for example, to RUB its crust of dried white bread or white eraser. You can try very carefully to clean the sandpaper with fine abrasive or wipe it with a damp cloth. Remove greasy stains starch, and the usual dust and dirt — tape. Daily cleaning is best done with a soft brush or a brush with natural rubber. To refresh the overall appearance of the product, using a hand cloth MITT, RUB the semolina.

Is to have a habit of brushing the coat every time he returns to the street, rubber brush for suede and then a beautiful appearance is provided.

Caring for a sheepskin coat

Do not keep hands in pockets, as then there are traces. There is no need to carry the bag over your shoulder, because long-term wearing appears in a trail of fading. Timely we need to sew on buttons and hooks and prevent them from pulling out with the "meat", as to restore them will be very difficult. If you need to sit in a sheepskin coat should unbutton the bottom button and the hem to raise higher.

It happens that sheepskin is hurting and needs to be smooth. This should be done very carefully using a dry linen cloth of light color lightly heated iron.

To keep the sheepskin should be on a wide hanger in a closet and try to protect it from moths.