Choosing a warm, safe home, you need to pay attention to the following types of materials from which to erect private buildings: timber, building stone, sandwich panels.

Home what material is warmer?

Houses made of timber – the most sustainable and cost much cheaper than brick. In addition, wood has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity than that of building stone: 0.09 W/(m∙K) vs 0.8 W/(m * K). Therefore, it is much better at trapping heat in the house. The natural structure of the wood normalizes the humidity level in the house, so the air in these areas rarely dry even when using space heaters. Therefore, the level of comfort of living in this house much higher than in the house of bricks.

Construction of stone (brick, foam and aerated concrete blocks, concrete block), the warmest is the arbolit. This stone is made from a mixture of concrete and sawdust. Technology for the production of arbolita allows the use as filler wood shavings, small wood chips, dry pine needles.
Warm from opilkobetona blocks can be made independently. This will require formwork and a small vibrating table. Before laying in cement sand mortar in sawdust you need to add the hydrated lime. This will prevent the rotting of wood and heave of the arbolit. House of opilkobetona is the warmest of those that were built with building stones.

Construction of sandwich panels is largely identical to karkassiga. They have the same type of insulation: foam or denser modification of the polyurethane foam. This material is inside the sandwich panels and the walls of the timber. Therefore, these two types of houses have the same insulation characteristics. In frame-house construction, as the insulation can use mineral wool. But due to the high hygroscopicity of it pretty quickly loses its insulating properties and dampen settles. All the buildings built by any of these two technologies – frame and sandwich panels, to retain the heat. This fact proves that such buildings do not need regular utaplivanii in the cold season.

Home what material is the most reliable?

Some of the most durable buildings – brick. These buildings can survive without major repairs and reconstruction of more than 100 years. Wooden houses require constant care, as they tend to change their form due to shrinkage of the wood and it cracks or moisture. Therefore, the durability of wooden houses can only be achieved with quality lumber and regular care.
Frame house perfectly will last without repair for at least 50 years. These buildings are good because do not need such close attention as home of timber or logs. Therefore, in terms of durability, the palm belongs to houses of concrete and brick.