Bath is a unique place where everyone is equal

Visit bath – a special ritual that allows you to not only improve health, but it's nice to spend time, to relax the nervous system, it is good to chat with friends.

In the bath there are no generals and bureaucrats – are all equal. Lovers to take a bath at least once a week, preparing to wash scrupulously, buying brooms, various oils, brewing tea.

What can you give the attendant?

One of the wonderful gifts for fans of walk in bath is a good broom, and preferably two. Usually one partner is floating another two broom. One broom to catch the fever, and the others are massage areas of the body. The most common brooms are made of oak and birch. There are brooms of eucalyptus, fir and other tree species. Some switches require special skills when visiting the steam room. Therefore it is not necessary to give an exotic brooms.

In the bath are often difficult to hover without gloves, as the steam begins to burn the skin. Gloves for attendant – the perfect gift. Especially good if they are registered.

Some go to the bath, putting on caps. Now shops offer a great variety of bath caps with different labels. But it should be aware that some fans go to the bathhouse bathing cap is mandatory. They believe that the entire body must warm up evenly.

Slippers always come in handy. It is important that they withstand the moisture and does not slip when walking. As a rule, bathroom floors are always wet, especially in the steam room and the dressing room. Normal shoes will slide on the surface and people can slip.

Bath towel, presented along with a flap for sitting on the shelf, will help to solve a double problem. The fact that some bath attendants sit in the steam room directly into the towel. Special flap for the seat will save them the need to take a towel. A towel will also be used for other purposes.

Gift which to evaluate any attendant – set oils. Oil you can sprinkle on the stones to give a special flavor. It can be set with the scent of pine, mint, juniper, spruce and so on.

Any attendant knows that after all the procedures it is better to fill the liquid supply herbal tea with honey. What could be better than a thermos, which you can use to brew a perfect hour?

Of course, you can give kits for washing the head and body loofah. But it will be a gift that is suitable not only for fans to go to the bath. Some do not wash in the bath, because I think that the bath is not a place for soap and shampoo. In the bath you need to bathe and dive in cold water.