Many couples who are trying to somehow diversify their sex life, turn to the book of wisdom. The most erotic of the books, which were written during the existence of mankind is, of course, "Kamastura".

In Kamastura" are all the possible poses, detailed description and how they affect the feelings of the partners during intimacy. Position number 79 is often called the "Bangladeshi stool". But, if you go to the source, there you will not see this name.

What's the catch

In Kamastura" there is no original names of the poses, they all gathered under the numbers. Once in the American film position No. 79 the authors called "Bangladeshi stool". Nobody remembered that it was for the film, but the expression stuck. Despite the fact that it was difficult to understand what the pose is about. But from movie to movie this expression wandered and eventually was fixed exactly at position No. 79. All because of the peculiarities of the execution of the poses.

In the process of intimacy a man should sit down on the edge of the stool, a woman sits on top with his back to the man. For convenience, it relies on the legs of the partner. In this way, and is intimacy. As in the description of this posture is the word "stool" in the end it was called by the people "Bangladeshi stool".

Features poses

If you delve into the study of "Kamastura, you can find information about what this position is most comfortable and is not recommended by the authors of the book for frequent use. All because it's rather unconventional angle of penetration. To keep the proximity of the man it is necessary to constantly lean backward and the woman forward. This situation is not conducive to close contact.

It's fun! In Indian culture posture stools or posture chair are not only used in intimate practice. For example, in yoga there is also the posture of the chair that you are actively practicing. This pose is among the basic postures in yoga. This pose strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms and back, stimulates the heart and respiratory system.

This is the latest information about Bangladeshi stool. In fact, interestingly, in Bangladesh generally do not use stools and this phrase describes exactly intimate pose. But the name of the pose No. 79 received not historically. He was awarded the people, and it all began with cinema.

The world the "Kama Sutra" is very diverse, you can find other amazing items with unusual names.