Among the successful people who have made a career and seems to have achieved everything one can dream of, there are not so many who can call themselves truly happy. Many times different people had said about the fact that happiness is not about money then what is it?

Criteria for happiness

As a rule, on the question of what is happiness, people give standard answers. For some it's family, children, beloved person. For another – good job, for third – health, etc. etc. Analyzing the answers, we can conclude that the man is happy when he is well. It's hard to be happy when you're sick, lonely, when you don't like your job. This is the case when being determines consciousness – you feel good when you have everything in order.

But there's also the reverse situation, when consciousness determines being. Man chooses his own path, focusing on your most cherished goals and desires. This is the way, follow him and makes him truly happy.

It is important to understand that the true goals and aspirations are determined by the human soul. The soul will never seek money, fame – she's not interested. The soul loves to do, so many people choose a creative profession and professions related to the possibility to create something, to explore.

For the soul is a very important personal growth. Hence the desire of many people to overcome, to achieve new horizons. Crossing an ocean to conquer a mountain peak, to achieve some success-but not for the sake of success itself, for personal growth. Man is happy when he accomplish anything when he does what gives him pleasure. On the way he may have many obstacles and difficulties, but they are not perceived as yet another misfortune, but as a challenge, as an opportunity to once again overcome himself.

Man is happy when happy soul

True happiness is only possible when the soul is happy. Why so many people choose one or another hobby? Because it gives them the opportunity to feel happy, to get away from the uninteresting routine of ordinary Affairs. Soul I wonder very much – she with the same pleasure will consider postage stamps and bring new litter of tomato, stargazing through a telescope and collect in the garage of a perpetual motion machine.

And when a person is unhappy? When his soul does not find application for their talents. When she wants to do one, but her interests are unceremoniously pushing aside and forced to do a completely different. Maybe she will try to Express myself in a new field, work in the framework that she has established, but the result will be quite not the same.

How to be happy

First of all, believe in yourself, in what still can be changed. After that, determine your true values, your true calling. To identify ways to achieve the desired situation – and go to it, no matter what the difficulties.

The most important thing is that this path will bring joy. The soul is happy, not only when the goal is achieved, but on the way to it. This is the secret of true happiness is to be who you are, go to where you want to go. Do not change yourself, your dream, and life will be truly happy.