Because stuffed peppers is by itself a complete dish, many believe that it does not require a side dish or salad. But boiled potatoes, sprinkled with herbs, won't spoil the composition. It will sound great with the pepper and its stuffing: meat, mushroom, vegetable. Some even boiled the potatoes in the same water along with the peppers, Colby turned one, taste and aroma. On the plate you can put 1-2 of stuffed peppers, a few potatoes and pour all this sauce, which were braised vegetables.
If potato is not reached, you can use yogurt or sour cream sauce. Peppers spread on a flat plate, and next to put a small bowl of sauce. Preferably the dish sprinkle with fresh herbs to give it a more vibrant and summer look.
Those who stew the peppers in the mixture to carrots and onions you can use them for serving. Steamed vegetables are extremely healthy and are completely dietary product. And bright carrot color will add colors to the dish. If possible, with stuffed peppers can be put out and the tomatoes and zucchini. It's a very striking composition. On the table you can serve this beauty right in the dish in which were braised vegetables, all sprinkled with fresh herbs.
As the filling from the stuffed peppers are often rice, meat or mushroom, it will be perfectly combined with seasonal vegetables. You can quickly and easily prepare a salad of fresh radish, cucumber and lettuce, season it with lemon juice or vegetable oil. Or coleslaw with sour berries (cranberries or cranberry) and onion rings. Simply put it on a plate stuffed pepper, and next arrange a beautiful mound of salad. The sprig of dill on top of the peppers perfectly complement the composition.
Beautiful on the plate will look half pepper, stuffed with various fillings. This option is most often baked in the oven, but it turns out no less tastier than usual. On the plate halves can be decomposed in the form of the sun, and in the middle put a Cup with sauce. Also cooked this way the peppers can be laid out on one big dish that is placed in the middle of the table. Great work, if you will alternate the peppers of different colors: green, yellow, bright red.
Stuffed peppers is a wonderful dish that is perfect for everyday use, and for the festive table. And to give it beauty, you only need a little to connect their imagination.