With the development of market relations and a departure from the planned economy of socialism, the Russian citizen has the opportunity to earn money in unlimited quantities, than immediately took advantage of enterprising and creative representatives of the cerebral elites.

The desire to become a millionaire, but and dollar, pursues many immature minds. Is a strong relationship between big money and unlimited freedom.

Why you need to be a millionaire

For the Russian mentality is characterized by passive waiting for "manna from heaven". This is quite clearly traced in Russian folklore, to take at least Emelya from the fairy tale "By magic". For the majority of Russian dreamers money act as a kind of pike that will be able to fulfill all the ridiculous wishes, walking up to the stove.

But the reality is far from a tale and to catch a million of the hole hardly anyone can, except that is not fall an unexpected inheritance, which is also more like a fairy tale.

But you need to earn a million.

How to make a million

Make a million by working. Strange, but all the ways to make money fast offered on the Internet, did not millionaires nor the applicants themselves or guru infobiznesa.

The real money is made with great difficulty. In Russia there are legal ways of earning large sums of money, for example, is a stock exchange. There is still the real production sector, but they have to get more difficult as every niche has long been firmly occupied.

Earnings at stock exchanges of the real, but it is necessary at least to know the currency rates to control the strategies to be always in a state of activity.

Freedom with a million – is it real?

Earned millions require a lot of attention. Hardly freedom constant monitoring of the situation on the stock market or the maintenance of a positive balance of production assets.

Dependence on money as of an excess, and their drawback is the lack of freedom. It makes no sense to expect material gains to be free - it will just be another level of dependence.

Thus, the conclusion is clear: freedom on the inside. Freedom is the absence of problems with money, but this depends on the specific needs of the person.

By and large, the ability to meet demand with the help of money and forms the freedom of the individual. But their needs personality creates itself.