What is a receipt and that it should be specified

Receipts for payment of utilities are available in accordance with the approved form. They detail all types of payments, and each of them needs to be identified as a separate line – electricity, gas and water supply, heating and other services (cleaning of territory, porches, repairs). Besides numbers, reflecting past performance account devices and current, they are usually provided and installed by the regional authorities, consumer norms, if any act on the residence of the payer. Also, the receipt must specify the personal code (set of numbers) of the payer for the services, using which he can make payment from any Bank terminal, not even with the blank. In addition to payments and personal information on receipts should indicate telephone numbers of service providers, management companies and other institutions.

Shelf life payment receipts

The terms of the storage receipts of utilities, not installed. But most of them is marked that is not to throw away within 3 years. This is due to the fact that so much time is the maximum period of limitation. That is, companies supplying services and controlling their payment, can claim the debt only in this time period.

But in practice it happens so that the claim satisfied by court after 3 years. This is allowed if during the proceedings it was established that the limitation period for any reason interrupted or can be extended in accordance with applicable law. Lawyers dealing with cases related to communal services and payment of services rendered to such companies, it is recommended to keep receipts for at least 5 years. This will allow the user to avoid unjust accusations and to protect their rights.

Where to pay the bill for utilities

Payment receipts for utilities can be accomplished in several ways. The most common of them is depositing cash on company account through the cashier or terminal of one of the banks. Gaining popularity payment through online classrooms, i.e. electronically. Many companies-public utilities entered into a contract with "Mail of Russia", and their customers can pay in the branches of the company. It is important to know that the payer is entitled to choose the method of depositing money to the account of the supplier at its discretion.