The concept of the transformer

The concept of "transformer" is known almost to all. Scientifically speaking, transformer is a static electromagnetic device having two or more inductiononline windings on any magnetic circuit and intended for conversion by electromagnetic induction of one or more systems (voltages) AC to one or more other systems (stress), without frequency change.

Current for the uninitiated

From school physics course ought to be known that during transmission of electric current at a distance there is some loss in the form of thermal radiation. Therefore, the power is generated and energy is transferred to high voltage, which is much higher than required for the functioning of most household devices. Here, the transformer plays a big role. First, it increases the voltage to carry the current, and then, on the way to the consumer, the voltage is reduced. All this happens through the process of electromagnetic induction. In the absence of modern electrical transformer simply could not stand the tension, which during transmission monstrous, and lit up.

Inside electric machines

Some appliances (TV, for example) require multiple streams with different electric voltages. To get the device integrates a transformer with multiple windings, or containing several smaller transformers. In the case of the TV is required, for example, to convert the incoming current to power the CRT (here, a voltage of approximately 3 kilovolts) and circuits (5 volts). Computers also use transformers in the power supplies.

Use in special cases

In addition to the above, there are other types of transformers. An isolating transformer (where the windings are separated from each other either by distance or by partition) is used to reduce the risk of electric shock in areas where it is most likely (bathroom, for example, humidity and abundance of metal parts). There are specialist types, like transformers, are designed to measure variable voltages and currents in circuits of relay protection and automation. The diesel generators are also used transformers, stabilizing the output voltage to the optimum value.

The value

Thus, the transformers play a big role in providing electricity and use it in almost any machine powered by electricity. They are also used in diagnostic and industrial purposes.