Clay of a different color has different properties. They effectively fight pimples, acne, black spots and other troubles. But the choice of a particular clay to use depends on the type and condition of the skin.

White clay

White clay is considered the most effective. It is not only a storehouse of minerals, but also a great antiseptic. In addition, the level of acidity in it optimal for the skin. White clay – a product soft and delicate actions. Therefore, it is recommended for sensitive, dry and sluggish skin. In addition to getting rid of acne she will have more and tonic effect. But those who have blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, the use of white clay is not recommended.

To prepare the mask of white clay is good to use a decoction of chamomile.

Black clay

Black clay is very versatile. Suitable to normal, dry but very oily skin. She has a slight moisturizing effect, tightens pores, cleanses, removes dead cells, regenerates skin tissues and effectively fights against acne and black points.

A mask of black clay is best to cook in the broth succession and mint.

Blue clay

In it, compared to others, contains more minerals. It is suitable for all skin types but especially for dry and aging. Blue clay is an excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and to get rid of inflamed pimples.
In a mask of blue clay is good to add a decoction of calendula or dry rot.

Green clay

She, among all other therapeutic effects, has the effect of drying. Thanks to him, she quickly gets rid of acne and inflammation. Green clay deeply cleanses the pores, tightens pores, removes oily Shine, gives skin a matte finish. To use it best for oily skin.

Very good mask from a mixture of green and white clay. This mixture can be diluted thermal water or mineral water.

Red clay

It is not as aggressive as black, blue and green. This kind of cosmetic clay gently and delicately cleanses the skin, providing a light lifting effect. Used to treat acne for dry, sensitive and problem skin. With oily skin, its use is not effective.

Red clay is mixed with milk or cream.

Yellow clay

Yellow clay enriches the skin with oxygen. It contains iodine, and it is very well cope with the removal of toxins, enriching the skin cells with oxygen.

For getting rid of pimples of yellow clay make a mask with honey and lemon juice (a few drops).