One of the most simple and effective way to induce vomiting is stimulation of the tongue root (the rear part). To induce vomiting, open your mouth as wide as possible and bend your head down to avoid choking on vomit. Stick your tongue out of his mouth as much as possible (sometimes this is enough). Place your index finger in your mouth and move it, massaging the tongue towards the larynx. If induce vomiting this fails, try to touch your finger to the uvula (the appendage hanging down from the rear edge of the sky). In most cases, this leads to the desired result.
If induce vomiting with your finger makes you feel uncomfortable, use common home methods. For example, dilute 3 tablespoons of salt in ½ liters of warm water. Such a solution is considered a good gag tool. Drink this solution in one gulp. If this method does not help within 30 minutes, do not attempt to repeat, try other methods. Large amounts of salt can lead to serious consequences for the organism.
Another effective remedy to induce vomiting is considered to be mustard, but it works not at all. Dilute one tablespoon of mustard in glass of warm water. Try to drink this solution quickly. If you're disgusted or smell for you will be extremely unpleasant, hold your breath. Use other methods if this doesn't produce results within 30 minutes.
Simple but at the same time unpleasant and not always effective method is visual stimulation. Try looking at something extremely unpleasant, causing vomiting. This can be, for example, a video clip of tearing the other person or, if you cannot stand the sight of blood, the process of surgery. You can also listen to recordings of these processes. Likewise, you can stimulate the senses of touch and smell. Try touch, or smell, for example, any slime or rotting food, but be careful it can be dangerous to health.
Finally, you can use special drugs, causing a gag reflex. These include, for example, ipecac is a herbaceous plant of the family Rubiaceae, also known as ipecac. You can purchase it over the counter in the form of tablets or syrup. This drug stimulates the stomach walls and makes it free from content, thus causing vomiting. Result usually need to wait several minutes, during which time you may experience some discomfort. To induce vomiting you can use other medicinal plants, such as milkwort or barometz.