What is the intersection

The intersection is the intersection of an equal or different value of roads. Also marking the intersection will include a section of road which adjoin other way, or the plot has branched. More rigorous formulation outlined in the SDA Russia: Intersections are divided into equal and unequal, as well as adjustable and non-adjustable. Your configuration at the intersections are circular. Traffic light intersections are considered as such if they organize the movement of traffic lights, road signs, road markings or traffic controller.

The entrance to the intersection

The actions have to produce the driver at the entrance to the crossroads and when turning on it:
first, it should be guided by the driver at the entrance to the crossroads is prohibiting or permitting further movement of the signs of traffic light, traffic controller, marking of a carriageway or road signs;
next, before the actual entrance to the intersection, it is necessary to take the lane, namely, in the case of a planned u-turn at the intersection, the left;
- it is necessary to turn on the turn signal;
- the most optimal trajectory of the turn is when the vehicle will leave the intersection before the target zone.
- there are two possible variant of execution of the turn at the intersection, namely: the small radius and large radius.

Turning radius

How is turning in a small radius? Having left on a crossroads, passing a counter-flow of vehicles and not leaving the lane of oncoming traffic, make u-turn. While immediately taking the position of the lane without disturbing other road users, including pedestrians. The main point in this maneuver is a road environment that does not always make this maneuver clean. Namely, it is possible to involuntarily commit leaving the lane of oncoming traffic. This can occur in the presence of a marking on the roadway in the median. And for such violation the inspectors of traffic police are very often deprived of rights.

A very important factor, which can also have an effect on the Commission of a maneuver is its size. If it is a car, then a turn of small radius. And of course, if a heavy machine, then turn only at large radius.