Elves is a charming, fairy-tale characters with long ears and pointy facial features. When creating elven makeup should make your skin pale and shimmering.
To achieve a similar effect, apply to face with a special cream ivory and highlighter (shimmer face powder). Apply the Foundation with a special brush, blending evenly, do not forget your neck. This will make your face soft and glowing. But it should be good to clean and moisturize the skin.
To give his image of freshness and elegance, add to the cheekbones look a little pale blush peach color. Eye makeup should be done in bright shades of green. To do this, apply into the inner corner of the eye light green shade, and in the outer corner and crease - dark green tone.
Eyebrows should also be using a special or regular powder shadows. The color shades should be matched to your hair color. Try a little experiment with her image. Before taking is to try several looks and choose the one that looks best.
Apply under the eyebrow light shade. This will visually lift your brows and make your eyes more elegant. Complete the eye makeup with black eyeliner and mascara. With their help, the eyes will look expressive and large.
You can also do make-up in pastel shades. To do this, apply a beige shade on the middle of the eye and the eyelid, select a brown tone. Lip makeup preferably purple lipsticks, you need to pre-apply on lips hygienic lipstick.
You can also purchase at the Pro shop false eyelashes. They will make your look harmonious and effective. You can add to elf makeup different symbols or ornate patterns. Hair better to braid it in braids or left loose. You can decorate the hairstyle with flowers or special decorations.
Optionally, you can make the nose a bit smaller, like the elves, to do this, apply on the nose dark shadows, and the Central part is bright. Don't forget that your lips should look as natural. To do this, apply a bright lipstick and blend it. You can also use glitter.
If you want to be look like a real elf, you should purchase elf ears and special colored lenses green or blue tint that will make your eyes brighter and more expressive.