Proper care of cactus

One of the most common mistakes is the belief that caring for cacti, as for other houseplants. And in most cases it is very harmful to the plant. Cacti need to be watered, but in moderation, and if you make a schedule for watering to plants, to cactus you need to make a separate.

If a cactus becomes flaccid and wrinkled – a sign that you are watering it too much, if it starts to dry, then water is too low. Cactus can be watered only in the case if the plant is completely healthy. After transplanting to another pot or after illness better some time, the plants not watered. Water absorb only absolutely healthy roots.

How to find the best for cactus watering is a very complex question, and often it is possible to learn only with time and experience. Because under different conditions the requirement from the plants are also different. The most common method of care is to simulate the natural environment for plants depending on the season.

Seasonal glaze

The cactus should be watered when the spring came – the temperature rises, becomes longer daylight hours, and the plant begins to Wake up after hibernation. Thus it is necessary not to rush and to carefully observe the plant. To Wake up the cactus, make a small spraying in the early morning. The condensate will drain to the base and will give a signal to the plant on the approach of spring. After the new needle or little buds, well-watered soil. It can not be save, because the first watering should be good, however, provided that the water drainage. If soil remains for a long time water – this will lead to root rot.

Spring must be especially careful to monitor the temperature of the air, as if watering the cactus at a low temperature (less than 10 oC), the plant may die.

In the summer the cactus can be watered more often, while respecting the simple rule is never to pour wet or even damp earth. To water both from the soil and through the sump. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so if the plant responds well to both methods, it is better to combine.

With the advent of autumn, the cactus should be watered less and reduce the amount of water. The plant should be prepared for the winter. By November, the soil should be dry. Winter is a period of calm for cactus, and if you gradually reduced his watering, then a few months without water this plant will survive easily. Important conditions for this is the opportunity to find cactus a cool place where the temperature will not be above +18 o, so the sill it is better to remove.