Rotavirus is highly contagious and can be transmitted from person to person before the first show any symptoms. Huge amounts of the virus comes out with the stool from the body and transferred, like any other infection "dirty hands", not only through the items in the toilet such as a flush button tank cap or door handles, but also through everything that happens to touch the patient: the handrails of public transport, household items, money. As the virus thrives in the aquatic environment, the infected can have water and pools, as well as foods that have not been thoroughly cooked: ice cream, raw vegetables and fruit, don't end up fried fish and seafood.
The rotavirus has no concept of seasonality, as it happens, for example, with the flu virus. Epidemics can occur anytime of the year regardless of outside temperatures and humidity. Some doctors say the increase in the number of patients in the period from November to April, but it is likely due to the decline of immunity in the winter associated with lack of vitamins in the diet of the population.
Despite these sad facts, to say that rotavirus is inevitable and since it is impossible to protect yourself from it, there is nothing to try - it is impossible. If the team detected at least one patient with the symptoms of this disease, vomiting, disorders of stool and fever, you should immediately take all possible steps to prevent infection opportunity to impress everyone. This is especially important for children's educational institutions.
You need to get yourself and explain to the child that from now on the usual hand-washing after using the toilet will not be enough, so after all hygiene procedures must be carefully treated hands with a special disinfectant gel, a wide range which offers a modern trade. Eating in public places during the epidemic must also go into the category of taboo. If you absolutely refused to snack outside the home there is no way you should give preference to the products subjected to careful heat treatment.
In offices, school classes, kindergarten groups - in short, in all areas in which a certain number of people and spends quite a long time, it is necessary at least once a day to make a surface treatment with a chlorine-containing solutions. Of course, not everyone likes the smell of chlorine, but it is better to learn not to pay attention to it than to fall with a severe disease that can not only for a long time to knock the body off balance, and even cause death.