Diabetes mellitus is divided into two types: insulin when required permanent insulin, and insulin-independent. The causes of these diseases are different, although both inherited.
Insulin-dependent diabetes appears in adolescence, not later than 20 years. It occurs suddenly and sharply as a complication of serious stress or viral infection and is accompanied by severe symptoms. The reason is the damage of beta cells of the pancreas. The immune system produces antibodies to viruses and free radicals, which appeared after nervous stress, then a healthy person the number of antibodies is reduced. But genetically predisposed person "brake" is not working, the antibodies begin to damage the cells of the pancreas, resulting stops the production of insulin.
Diabetes I type is transmitted from mother 3 to 7% of cases, the father in 10% of cases. If both parents are diabetics, the probability to get sick increases to 70%. To protect the child from disease by using the hardening, it is necessary to protect it from stress and anxiety — in this case the disease is "silent", and to the 20 years he "outgrow" this type of diabetes.
Diabetes of the II-nd type appears after the age of 30. Insulin produces in sufficient quantities, but the tissues are not sensitive to it. The causes of NIDDM (non-insulin dependent diabetes) can be different, for example, obesity, diseases and injuries of the pancreas, emotional stress, hormonal disorders and viral infections.
This type of diabetes is passed from parents or grandparents more often. On the father and mother the likelihood that 80% if diabetics both parents — a child gets sick with almost 100% probability. However, to get even if the person does not have a sick relative. Especially increases the risk of a combination of factors: older people with obesity, frequently sick with viral infections can develop with the same probability, and genetically predisposed.
Genetic predisposition should be considered when family planning before marriage. Both children and adults with poor health should know about this, to build a life, given the danger. Most importantly, avoid overeating and nervous strains, to exercise, to take care of the hardening.