Distribute the food intakes it is necessary, not only following doctors ' recommendations, but also in its sole discretion. Do not make too big breaks in the meal, it is better to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions than 2 times to eat thoroughly, because in this case you overload the stomach and it will be more difficult to digest all the food. In addition, the long wait for the food contributes to the release of large amounts of gastric juice which erodes the walls of the stomach and may cause ulceration.

Set your power mode

You need to eat several times a day, at intervals of about 3-4 hours. This time can be slightly less or slightly more, depending on your habits, working hours and General well-being. It is not necessary to accustom the body to a particular food technique, developed by nutritionists or physicians. If you work second shift, is unlikely to rise for a meal at 7 or 8 am, and dinner is sure in 18 hours. Better develop its system of power, based on your own schedule. Maybe Breakfast doesn't start until 10 am, then lunch, afternoon tea or dinner shift at a later time.

The main thing here is to remember the rule: not to oversaturate the organism with food, so he learned another batch on time and adhere to the equal intervals in the meals. Even if you are on a diet, don't torture your body with the mandatory dinners before 6pm. To eat in the evening at any time, the main thing – do not go to bed immediately after eating, wait at least 4 hours before bedtime. That is, dinner time need to move away from your usual time falling asleep, so food had to be absorbed, your stomach and digestive organs have rested during the night. In addition, it is useful to remember that between dinner and Breakfast should be a break of at least 14 hours – this time is enough for proper rest for the bodies.

Spread the meals correctly

The meals need to distinguish between saturable. It is important to have a good Breakfast in the morning, charging the body with energy, saturating its fiber and carbohydrates. Some time after Breakfast, you can have a little snack with fruit, yogurt or nuts. The most abundant meal should be at lunch at this time, the body works most actively and digest large volumes of food. If you are satisfied with the second Breakfast in about 3 hours after lunch it's time to make a light snack. And finally, in the evening, it is useful to prepare a hearty dinner, but it must be lighter than your lunch.

You can distribute meals and more importantly, then, the portions decreased, not remained the same. Optional weigh each portion in the balance: your body will tell you when he is satisfied, it is only necessary to stop in time not to overeat. Do not eat a lot of fatty and fried foods, instead eat more fresh fruits – they are a great way to promote satiety, and calories a bit, in addition, rich in vitamins and minerals.