Popular actress and social activist Angelina Jolie did not like to go to school. In the class she was an outcast. School psychologists referred her to a group for children who need the help of a therapist. But at the same time, future movie star realized that can affect what is happening in society. Her friends protested against the dismissal of the teacher, and the campaign was a success – bill Smith taught at school.
Aspiring actress Charlize Theron in elementary school children was considered an ugly duckling and didn't want to be friends with her. The same fate befell Hollywood actor Tom cruise, for which the school is associated with unpleasant memories.
Daniel Radcliffe, the legendary performer of the role of a young wizard Harry Potter left the school for filming. Star of films "Armageddon" and "Lord of the rings" Liv Tyler also left teaching at the age of 14 due to the fact that he could not stand the school rules and requirements. Quentin Tarantino could not stand the bullying classmates and also have not received a diploma.
A famous actor and a heartthrob of many girls, Ashton Kutcher in the school liked to be the center of attention. He was in different stories, and once even went to jail, broke the lock on the school. But, despite this, he was a good student and received high marks. Diligent student was Mexican actress Salma Hayek. But she, like many students, often lied to the teachers and told all sorts of stories to get away.
Popular actor Hugh Grant and Ashton Kutcher, also in the school years, loved the attention, especially the opposite sex. He liked to play performances and be the subject of universal admiration. Could not imagine their life without the cinema and theatre and the young actress keira Knightley. That though as-that to force the daughter to learn, parents concessions: Kira goes to school, and they hire her an agent.
The star of the movie "Basic instinct" Sharon stone in high school was a real daredevil. Her antics often drove teachers into the paint. Not the best student and was the heroine of the film "Charlie's Angels" and "bad teacher". Cameron Diaz rarely gave homework to check and was surprised when it was translated in the following class. And in 16 years, Cameron was not to study at this age, she began her career as a model.
Among the geniuses of literature and physics, inventors and early pioneers are also many who bad given the school of science. Among them was albert Einstein, who could not connect two words, and Isaac Newton, who was one of the worst students in the class, and Alexander Pushkin, which in all humanitarian subjects received two, and Thomas Edison, who was learning-at-home mother after exclusion from school.