In the early stages of development of hemorrhoids the person begins to experience discomfort during defecation the passage of feces through the rectum or immediately after defecation. This is due to the pathological process occurring in the vascular plexus or external hemorrhoids located under the skin surface or localized in the wall of the rectum (internal hemorrhoids). In both cases, the affected area is deprived of normal blood circulation, which leads to dystrophic changes of the muscle tissue.
The cause of hemorrhoids is often constipation, but not less often it occurs in women after childbirth and people who are constantly engaged in sedentary work and do not consume adequate amounts of dietary fiber. Yourself hemorrhoids people may suspect with regular pain and bleeding of the rectum at the time of defecation. If any of these symptoms, it is very important to promptly contact the Coloproctology, which will eliminate the presence of fissures, tumors and other serious diseases of the rectum. In addition, coloproctologist will determine the stage of disease and localization of the affected veins, and prescribe the right treatment hemorrhoids.
Before you visit a coloproctologist need to do a bowel cleanse – it is desirable to make the evening an enema, which I repeat in the morning. Also are a good option microclysters, for example, on the basis of the drug "Miralax" or "Norgalax", which gently cleanse the intestines and made the morning a visit to the doctor.
Coloproctologist listens to complaints of a patient, visually inspecting the anus and the rectum palpated to determine the degree of varicose veins. To obtain more accurate data, it may also appoint these types of surveys as a sigmoidoscopy, ultrasound and Doppler imaging of the pelvic organs. Simultaneously, the patient will have to make koagulogrammou, angiography of the vessels of the rectal venous plexus and pass a number of clinical/biochemical analyses.