The most popular way to meet a gay on the Internet. Today, many Dating sites allow you to set your profile belong to a homosexual. In addition, they give the opportunity of finding pairs on the same criterion. To do this, simply type in the search what you are looking for guy and a gay guy, and also indicate its age. After that, the website will filter out the questionnaire, heterosexual men and show you guys. This way of Dating with sexual minorities is very convenient because you already know that you like the guy has the same orientation as you, which greatly simplifies the tying of Dating.
To meet a guy homosexual can be and special parties, which are organised in gay clubs. Such discos and parties differ from the ordinary only to those that go there only representatives of sexual minorities. So there you can be sure that whatever guy you may have addressed he would be gay or at least bisexual.
There are other places where guy can meet gay. For example, it can be closed clubs that organize Swinger nights in safe houses and saunas are specifically for gay people. However, it is unlikely that this experience will allow you to make acquaintance with a gay man for a lasting relationship. Rather, they will help you to find a guy for an intimate relationship at one time.
In many cities there are places where usually gather representatives of nonconventional orientation. Of course, you will not need to stand there with a banner: "Looking for a gay guy". It would be correct just to make acquaintance with a young man, and later, after more or less prolonged communicate, you can learn the orientation of the guy. However, you need to be careful because you can meet a negative response.
It is very difficult to make acquaintance with a gay man in a normal situation, when you can't be sure of the sexual orientation of the elect. At the slightest hint of the convergence of a heterosexual guy going to guess about your preferences and, most likely, will refuse you and will ignore. If you have associates or friends of the same orientation as you, better contact them, asking them to introduce you to a guy.