If you decide to get a dog for a child should be guided by such traits of the breed, not the dominant qualities of a leader, manageability, ability to obey. Years of research experts in this field made it possible to rank the kindest of dogs with these qualities.
Golden Retriever took first place in the ranking. This loyal, communicative, affectionate dog that loves kids. This breed is absolutely easy to get along with other Pets, not trying to dominate. They ease all are trained, often becoming great babysitters for kids.
On the second line rating of the kindest breeds of dogs – St. Bernards. Despite the rather impressive size of the pet is very loving and obedient dogs. It is with great pleasure to play and spend time with children.
Next on the list of the kindest breeds of dog should be Labrador Retriever. This is a very faithful dog. He quickly bonds with its owners and strives in all things to please them. This breed is amenable to training. It is a friendly, intelligent family dog that requires a lot of attention as a real member of the family. He quickly remembers relatives and friends.
The Basset hound not less than a friendly breed of dog. They are also very obedient. About this dog you can say "eternal teenager", a little capricious, mischievous, but never boring. This breed loves company, both animals and people.
The Irish setter is energetic and very playful breed of dog. With the great pleasure communicates with children, becoming them excellent companions in a variety of games. Dogs of this breed are always ready to explore and easy to learn. It is quiet, affectionate and friendly dog who needs a certain activity in life: running, Jogging, Cycling.
Collies get along great with children of all ages. This is a very smart and gentle dog. Also perfectly amenable to education and training. They love to run and always playful. A dog you can buy a small child, helping him to train and educate.
Newfoundland is very kind to people. Patience with children, affection and tenderness, they are even called "visiting nurses". They are always in sight.
Remarkably intelligent and affectionate poodles. They perfectly get along with even the young children. In addition, it is the most Allergy friendly breed of dog.