Kindness opens many opportunities for mental improvement, but in everyday life it is often harmful, because it is considered a sign of weakness. The kindnessdemonstrated by the child and the adult are completely different. And just as each of the people understands this concept its own special meaning. Life is not just black and white, everything is a mixture of billions of shades. And human feelings are a combination of several connected emotions and perceptions. Kindness in its purest form – a combination of strong and active life position, underpinned by ethical and moral standards. It occurs so infrequently that often speaks of its degeneration – people used to be kinder, more sympathetic.
True kindness should be deliberate and selfless – it is impossible to do good deeds, demanding something in return. What is often confused with kindness, reliability and shyness, sometimes cowardice and pity. Sometimes unaccountable fear of stronger individuals gives rise to the rejection, the man is afraid and hides his fear behind a mask of false kindness. "Good" parents can watch as a beloved child slips into the abyss, linking his life with drugs, pandering to him out of pity and inability to say no. A lot of sympathy for homeless people, begging for bread, serving, knowing that their money will be used to purchase the next portion of alcohol. It's not kindness, it is a mixture of weakness, selfishness and fear.
Real kindness can awaken in people an almost forgotten desire to trust, to open your soul, to help without looking back. To cultivate kindness is possible, but more often it is an innate quality, which over the years can "feel" things and circumstances, changing priorities and values. The strength of any man begin to change lives for the better – to show sincerity towards the weak, the infirm. With the help of kindness can cleanse your soul from anger and despair, because it is only manifested in actions. In order to get something in life you need to learn to give a part of his heart, wealth, piece of mind.