Such impressive discounts, from 50% to 90%, is not due to low quality of goods and services. Just providers are partners, "Bigliona", concluding with him a contract on mutually beneficial terms. Firms provide discounts, and "T" is committed to attract more customers and buyers.
The system of coupons is very simple. A attractive service or product, you buy discount coupon. Directly under the photo preview you will see the prices: for example, "50% discount for 800.-". Prices for "Biglione" indicated in rubles, so that means you can purchase this product at half price for 800 rubles.
Clicking on the words "read More" or just a picture of any product, you will see the detailed description of the action: the time to completion of sales, time of validity of the coupon, the number of people already acquired the coupon. Also here you will find details about a selected product or service.
Clicking the "Buy" button, you go to the checkout page and then payment page. You can pay in several ways: by credit card, mobile phone account which you can transfer money, payment terminal or e-money. You can also pay a coupon in the mail, "Euronetwork", "Messenger". The email coupon you will need to print and show when paying in store where you can buy the product on which discount, or salon chosen services.
Some vouchers one person can buy in unlimited quantities. Others can be bought for yourself only once. But the site offers a "Buy as a gift": for this you will be asked to fill in a short form ("To", "From" and email address of the recipient). However, you can tick the box "I will print and give yourself", if you do not know the e-mail recipient of such a gift.
Besides, on the website you can choose and goods. You pay for their purchase on the website, and the courier "Bigliona" will deliver them to the specified address.