You will need
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • water;
  • - special forms for cement;
  • - a cap;
  • - steaming chamber;
  • - weights with the designation of mass.
Mix mortar of cement, using standard sand. The ratio of cement and sand shall be 1:3. The ratio of water-cement ratio should be not less than 0.4 (for example, 1 kg of cement have 400 g of water).
From the obtained cement mould special shaped bars, size 4х4х16 see
Place the sample in a special chamber or cover them with a cap. It is obligatory to ensure sufficient humidity. For this purpose put near a forms a container of water. Leave to Mature samples under the hood for a day.
Remove the cubes from formwork-forms and place them in the steaming chamber. After an intense steaming, check the strength of the test samples of cement on a bend. To do this, set a cement block on two pillars. The center of the block must remain free. In the end, the entire structure should resemble an impromptu bridge. In the middle of the block put one weight. Weight at which to break the bar should be remembered. Using this figure, as well as special formulas and ratios, determine the load in compression and brand of cement. For each brand has its own formula.