Lupins is commonly propagated by seeds or cuttings. But, when sowing collected seed flower color is almost not transmitted. Therefore, to maintain the quality of any painting of Lupin, using green cuttings.

The most beautiful and suitable plants should be prepared for the cuttings in the fall. As the bushes of lupine in the spring resume from tamasauskas buds located on the root of the neck, then fall under the roots of the plants spiked nutrient soil mixture.

Spring from these buds located on the root of the neck, grow basal rosettes. Them neatly cut off from the "mother" and take root in moist heavy soil, slightly pricenew from the scorching sun. Cuttings root quickly.

If you do not give the inflorescence bloom and crop it, then on the stem and in the axils of leaves will develop side branches-shoots. They can be used as summer cuttings. In late summer at lupine again grow small basal rosettes of leaves, which can serve as cuttings for new plants. Therefore, to propagate the lupins you can in the spring and summer. Spring rooted cuttings can please its flowering in the first year, in the fall.

To propagate the adult lupins by dividing the Bush difficult. They are difficult to divide, and transplanted the plants badly get accustomed.