You will need
  • - Becherovka;
  • - ice;
  • - lemon;
  • lime;
  • tonic;
  • - ginger ale or lemonade;
  • - the juice of cranberries or currants;
  • - cane sugar;
  • - sparkling water;
  • - grenadine syrup;
  • - grapefruit juice;
  • - orange juice.
Cocktail Be-Ton. One of the simplest and most famous classic cocktails with Becherovka. Ingredients: Becherovka 50 ml tonic 100 ml lemon juice 10 ml. Fill a tall glass with ice, pour Becherovka, tonic and add lemon juice. For decoration use a slice of lemon or zest, twisted into a spiral. Has a refreshing tart taste. To give the cocktail a milder taste, replace lemon juice with orange. This will give the cocktail softness.
Cocktail B-Celebration. Ingredients: Becherovka 30 ml Apple liqueur 10 ml ginger ale or lemonade. Fill a glass with ice, pour Becherovka liqueur and Apple, add ginger ale. As decoration use a slice of lime and a sprig of mint. The cocktail comes out light and refreshing.
Cocktail Red Moon. Ingredients: 40 ml Becherovka, cranberry juice or blackcurrant 10 ml, carbonated sweet water. Fill a glass with ice, pour Becherovka and currant or cranberry juice. Then fill glasses with sparkling water to the brim. Garnish the cocktail with an orange slice. The taste of this cocktail is velvety and full-bodied.
Cocktail Oaza. Ingredients: 60 ml Becherovka, lime, cane sugar. Put in a glass sliced lime, sprinkle it with sugar and suppress that gave lime juice and mixed with sugar. To the brim fill glass with crushed ice and add the Becherovka. Thoroughly mix the cocktail. A cocktail similar to a Mojito, but the taste is more robust and full-bodied.
Hot cocktail Becherovka punch. Ingredients: Becherovka, 40 ml lemon juice 10 ml, carbonated water unsweetened 90 ml. Mix Becherovka, lemon juice and water in a container and heat. Pour into glass, garnish with an orange slice. This cocktail perfect for cold winter evenings. Has enveloping a savory taste.
Cocktail is an Invigorating freshness. Ingredients: 40 ml Becherovka, grapefruit juice 100ml tonic. In the glass, a third filled with ice cubes pour Becherovka, juice and Supplement with a glass of tonic. Decorate with cocktail cherry and a slice of grapefruit. Easy summer cocktail perfect for parties and just relaxing outdoors in the country. Has an unusual, slightly bitter taste.
With This Drink. Ingredients: Becherovka, 40 ml grenadine syrup 20 ml orange juice. Fill the glass with ice, add Becherovka, juice and syrup. To mix the cocktail offered during the use. Decorate it with orange slices and strawberries. The drink is bright and unusual due to the combination of two colors.