The natural protective mechanisms of some living beings on the planet dramatic. A bright example of a creative approach to the protection from predators demonstrate fish belonging to the family of puffers. There are many varieties of these fish, but they all have one thing in common - the ability to inflate to unimaginable proportions. The puffers, or tetraodon have many names. The people fish, which is able to swell and become like a ball, called a fish-a dog and a fish ball. Some species also have a rather impressive needle, so such instances have been called a Blowfish.
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Some species of the puffers live exclusively in sea water, others in fresh. The main habitat stretches along the Indian ocean coast. In addition, there are these fish in the coastal waters of Northern Australia. Freshwater species of puffers are common in the waters of Africa, South-East and South Africa. Most species of pufferfishes have bright color, warning that the fish is deadly. In fact, in nature there are almost no predators, the risk of attack on Blowfish, and there are several reasons for this.
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In stressful situations, when the fish feels the danger, she is able to fill special bags with water and some varieties of special gas being produced in their bodies and significantly increase in size. Some species of pufferfishes can increase in size in 4-d or more times. Therefore, within seconds, even the smallest species of pufferfishes can acquire impressive size able to scare off any predator. Depending on the variety, the amount of adult fish Blowfish can range from 5 to 65 cm in The largest species of pufferfishes puffing, can scare off even the shark.
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The ability of fish pufferfishes bloat to large sizes is not the only weapon these funny at first glance the fish. The fact is that these fish are among the most poisonous on the planet. The skin, fins and internal organs is filled with cyanide, so most predators bypasses the Blowfish party. The ability to swell to large sizes and strong toxicity allows these fish to survive in coastal waters and on coral reefs.
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